52 Sundays

Weekly Bible devotionals for worship leaders and the teams you lead.


Encourage your worship teams to spend more time in scripture together as you prepare for Sunday.


Pastors and worship leaders - get your worship team engaged in more Bible as part of their preparation each week. 52 devotionals for you and your worship team focused on what the Bible says to us about how we worship and how we lead others in worship.

Released initially as an email subscription, this worship team Bible study is reaching over 2,000 churches in 30+ countries around the world every week. Now available in print format this resource will help you as a worship leader as well as your team in helping lead your church in worship every week.


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I’m empowering team members to lead devotional times before practice this year. I’m offering this resource to them to help get them inspired!
— Marc, worship pastor 🇨🇦
We have had some great discussions and things to think about. Thank you again for your generosity in sharing.
— Victoria, worship leader 🇦🇺
This devotional provides inspiration and motivation to our worship team. I regularly use your material in both motivational messages and when leading worship.
— Greg, worship director 🇿🇦
I’ve been so thankful for this worship team devotional throughout the year. I share these with my team every Tuesday.
— Chris, worship director 🇺🇸

52 Sundays

Weekly Bible devotionals for you and the teams you lead.